💡Quick Start

Let's build up a simple AI application to get you familiar with BotSquare! In the following example, we will build LLM that will answer your question for a research paper.

1. Create a new project

2. Upload data source

When the research paper uploaded successfully, refresh the page and the data source will show as following:

3. Select the workflow modals

In this case, the user will only use text input to ask question about the research paper. For more detail of workflow modals, check here.

3. Explore the editor dashboard

4. Add the data source to the bot knowledge base

5. Add LLM


Search Result: vd-s-0

User Input: start-0

Task: Based on the Search Result and User Input, provide the proper response. Please include the reference url if needed.

6. Output the response generated by LLM

7. Run and test out the bot

8. Deploy to other channels

Once you finished everything, click Publish the save your final project.

Go back to the project page and click Deployment

Select the channels to deploy with one click

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